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Cremation for Catholics?

  Find out how the modern Catholic Church views cremation and the best way to honor your loved one with this method of burial.

What do the Symbols in the Funeral Mass Mean?

Let’s explore a little bit about the amazing love and respect we show to our departed with Catholic Symbols used in the Funeral Mass.


Coping With the Death of  a Loved One

Losing a loved one is excrutiatingly painful no matter who you are or who they are.

This short article is a good start on your Journey through Grief.

What is Hospice Care, and when do we need it?

There are many organizations and agencies that provide care for dying loved ones. Here is a little more information.

Understanding the Catholic Funeral

Even if we have been in the Church since we were a baby, there is always something we can learn about the rich traditions we sometimes don’t understand. The Funeral Mass is one of the traditions that can give us some comfort when we learn more about it.

Planning aids for the Catholic Funeral

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